The mission of Demand Liberty is to be a voice of freedom and prosperity. A place to create unique collaborative solutions to the problems facing our country; solutions we can all take to both our state capitol and Washington.

From the Editor:

First off I would like to say thank you for taking the time to visit Demand Liberty today.  This country offers something that no other place on earth offers; freedom and the opportunity to follow your dreams.  Is America perfect?  Well no, a country run by imperfect people cannot always be perfect, but we keep up the good fight.  Freedom however is perfect and it allows every citizen opportunity to work towards a better life for themselves and their family.  Why did I create Demand Liberty?  I feel like our leaders are going down the wrong path, in fact I have felt that way for quite some time.  I no longer have faith that my children will be better off than I am or that they will grow up to enjoy the same freedoms I have enjoyed.  This country cannot stay on the same path it has been on and maintain freedom for its citizens and future generations.  The government has spent too much and not saved enough.  Politicians are more worried about getting reelected than what is best for their constituents or their country and its future generations.

Why did I create Demand Liberty?  I created this website because I am not sure what else to do.  I vote, stay in contact with my representatives and have my opinions.  But I am not a policy expert and I certainly can’t influence the direction of our great nation.  So I decided to create this website in the hope that I could gain greater insight into the problems our country and its citizens face every day.  I also hope this can be a place where we all can learn to better articulate political ideas and expand our current ideas into better solutions.  I am interested in hearing whether your elected leaders are upholding their oaths and protecting your freedoms.  I want to hear and share your solutions to the local and national problems that face our nation.  I would also like to hear and share your political thoughts on anything and everything.  I hope this site can be part of the people’s think tank, the think tank that will come up with solutions to put our country back on track.  Maybe together we can learn a few things and change people’s minds along the way.  I hope you’ll consider joining me.

Only You Can Demand Liberty!

It’s time to leave behind all the groups that have been created for us. It’s time to throw away the hyphens and the class wars. Even though we are a diverse people we have one thing in common, we are all Americans and we want to see America stay free and remain number one in the world.  We want to see our children do better than we did and enjoy the same freedoms we enjoyed. Liberty is best left to the hands of the people, not bureaucrats in Washington and only we the people can protect our liberty as it hangs in the balance. Together we can share information passed by in the media and explore new ideas.  Maybe we can do what our leaders don’t seem to be able to do.  Create solutions to the problems our country faces while not destroying the one thing that made this country great, freedom.

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