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So Much for Jobs Americans Won’t Do


Last week Sheriff Joe Arpaio created 100 jobs for Americans by arresting illegal aliens, so much for jobs Americans won’t do. Hundreds of citizens lined up to fill the job openings. For all the rhetoric we hear from the left about how illegal aliens only take the jobs “Americans won’t do”, there are a few that prove them wrong. Even President Bush should apologize to the American people for insulting us when he stated the same poorly thought out conclusion about illegal aliens. It is not only about jobs, but also about criminal activity. Identity theft is a serious crime with painful consequences for the victims, the citizens the government is supposed to protect. But I suppose those on the left have no interest in the real victims, the American citizens hurt by this illegal activity. With unemployment at such a high rate we should focus on immigration reform. By enforcing the current laws and creating more jobs for Americans. Keep up the good work Joe.

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