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Tennessee Healthcare Compact


Mae Beavers, a Republican Senator from Tennessee, has submitted a Senate bill called, The Health Care Compact (SB 326). I don’t like the bill, because it smells too much like the federal Obama health care bill.  Although it is intended to be a Compact between agreeing states wherein certain criteria are met, allowing for cross border functionality.  It would still have a commission to oversee the Compact.

I believe a resolution or the passage of a bill outlying agreements concerning certain aspects of medical treatment and prescriptions etc, for surrounding states is more than adequate. For instance, there do exist reciprocating laws concerning carry permits wherein several states acknowledge a permit from one state into theirs so a citizen can defend themselves over state lines, and legally carry their firearms into other states agreeing with those permits.

The freer Americans are to live and function within the USA the better. ANY such Compact, only lessens our freedoms. Just on the surface, you have to ask why is this Compact necessary? Are we not better off when individuals have the freedom to create ways to serve citizens like a doctor opening an office; charging only 30 dollars per visit as a way to create a patient base?  How convoluted do we want society to become in the name of ridding ourselves of the influence of a centralized, federal government?

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