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What you can do to participate on Demand Liberty


Demand Liberty is here for you, the people.  Got something to say?  This is the place.  Not a writer?  No problem, share content with your friends.  Help keep and eye on Washington, state governments and our freedoms.  The following outlines the different ways you can participate on Demand Liberty.

  • Write Articles

Who better to report on what state representatives are doing both on a local and national level than you.  Is your city council spending your money wisely?  Are your senators claiming to be something they aren’t.  Is federal money being wasted in your state?  Write an article and submit it to Demand Liberty.  Give others a resource to find out exactly how public officials are behaving in your community.  Tell us how your liberties are being affected.  Outline policy that will make your community a better place, give reasons why it will, and how it could be implemented.  You are the reason this country is so great and we all have a responsibility to watch over our freedoms and hold our elected officials accountable.

  • Write Legislation

Have you ever considered writing common sense legislation to solve a local or national problem?   The Demand Liberty category “Bills by the People” is specifically for legislation written by YOU!  Like a posted piece of legislation, almost?  Rewrite the part you don’t like and resubmit it, but don’t forget to include a link to the piece of legislation you are changing.

  • Evaluate and Respond

Respond to legislation and articles that have been posted on Demand Liberty.  Do you like something in the Demand Liberty Platform for American Freedom?  Do you think something should be added or removed?  Write an article and let everyone know why.  Disagree with something someone else has written, think they are going down the wrong path or have not considered all points of their argument?  Maybe you think something has been reported incorrectly, or would like to augment posted legislation with wording to make it better?  Submit an article responding with your argument or submit revised legislation.  Be sure to include a link to the article or legislation to which you are responding.  The more evidence and fact you present the better.  You are welcome to give your opinion as well, as long as you make a compelling argument.  Don’t like writing, then pass articles and legislation you like onto your friends.

  • The Rest

There are no comment sections anywhere on Demand Liberty.  This is because one of our goals is more in-depth analysis and conversation.   If you have something you would like to discuss or report just write up an article with a minimum of 400 words.  If you are discussing a previous post be sure to provide a link that others can reference in your article.  Although a 400 word minimum may sound like a big inconvenience.  It will help us all understand just a little better the point or news you are conveying.  As a reference, this post is over 500 words.

Demand Liberty Special Categories:

Platform for AF: A category for articles discussing adding, removing, and further defining ideas for the platform.

Bills by the People: A category for submitting and refining legislation written by you, both state and federal.  Have an interest in writing or redefining legislation?  Now is your chance to write legislation that any one of us could submit to our representatives for action.

Plain Wrong on the Left: A place to discuss topics and events where those on the far left are just plain wrong.  Don’t forget to back up your argument with facts.

Plain Wrong on the Right: A place to discuss topics and events where those on the far right are just plain wrong.  Bring your facts and your opinion.

Shorts: This category is for commentary less than 400 words that just gets straight to what you are thinking.

For more information about Demand Liberty follow this link.

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