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Platform for American Freedom – A Pledge for Real Reform


The 10 pledge items below outline steps I think would help restore American liberties, reduce national debt, and start to restore the federal government to an entity we the people could respect again.  The idea behind this pledge is to get the conversation moving.  We would like to hear from you as to why or why not these are good ideas.  Should ideas be added or deleted?  Are you a doctor, lawyer, businessman, congressman or just an average American like me?  Then you have the answers to solve the problems the government won’t solve.  Submit a research or opinion article and make your voice heard.  If you like what you see call your representatives and let them know.  Remember, only you can Demand Liberty!

  1. Begin steps to bring responsibility back to government spending.
    • Freeze the current federal budget.
    • Implement measures within 2 years that limit future federal budgets to not exceed 15% of GDP 2 years prior to the budgetary year in question.
    • Reduce number of federal jobs not relating to security to meet budgetary needs.
    • Liquidate government stake in General Motors and use proceeds to pay down debt.
    • Starting in 2013, reduce the federal budget to 200 billion less than the federal taxes collected in 2011. Increase the 200 billion to 300 billion in 2014 and by 100 billion each year through 2020 using the money to pay down the national debt.
    • After 2020 continue applying 800 billion each year to pay off debt, then continue to save 800 billion per year for emergencies after paying off the entire national debt.
  2. Act now to return jobs to America
    • Slash base tax rate on business by 10 percent for a minimum of 5 years.
    • Offer tax incentives to corporations that return jobs to America from abroad.
    • Repeal the job killing health care travesty.
    • Permanently extend the Bush tax cuts.
    • Freeze the capital gains tax at 10 percent for 10 years.
    • Work toward energy independence by exploiting American energy.
    • Lead with a consistent voice.
  3. Work to reform the legislative process.
    • Limit legislation to no more than 150 pages per bill with the exception of budget and defense related items.
    • Require a bills full text be available online for at least 14 days before any votes are cast.
    • Allow only one topic per bill passed. No more grouping bills together or unrelated amendments.
    • Review at least 5 previously passed bills each week checking if they are still relevant and doing their job.  If the bills are doing neither they shall be repealed.
    • Require all bills to state what part of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the right to pass said bill.
    • End the creation of frivolous bills.
    • Congress should take an oath not to vote on bills they have not read or fully understand.
    • Allowing congressional members to vote ‘present’ should be banned.
  4. Work to bring leadership back to government.
    • End private sector bailouts permanently.
    • Reform the postal service.
    • End government support of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
    • Require full itemization and online publication of Members’ Representational Allowances.
    • Develop and implement a plan to fix the Social Security system and make it solvent within 15 years.
    • Clean up Medicare and Medicaid to eliminate fraud and restore solvency.
    • Encourage states to help combat voter fraud by requiring a form of state issued identification to vote.
    • Vow not to bailout irresponsible state governments including those in California and Michigan.
  5. Reform and reduce the tax code while restructuring the IRS over the next ten years.
    • Abolish the AMT.
    • Streamline tax code reducing complexity.
    • Work toward flat rate tiers based on income.
  6. Enact meaningful welfare and unemployment reform.
    • Remove incentives for continued dependence on welfare for able bodied individuals.
    • Offer tax incentives to day care facilities for discount care provided to low income families moving from welfare to the workforce.
  7. Enact Constitutional health care reform by working with the private sector instead of taking it over.
    • Defund and repeal Obama heath care takeover bill.
    • Offer base tax cut incentives to doctors and health care facilities for offering discounted medical care for those who cannot afford or cannot get insurance.
    • Legal reform addressing frivolous lawsuits against health providers.
    • Tax incentives to lawyers who defend health care professionals against frivolous lawsuits in exchange for discounts rates.
    • Offer those in low income brackets base tax reductions when they are insured.
    • Tax incentives to insurance companies to provide lower rates for low income families who take part in health savings accounts.
    • Bolster health saving account structure by allowing higher contribution limits.
    • Open insurance sales across state lines.
    • Stop treating insurance as a free ticket for any type of health care.
    • Defund Planned Parenthood.
  8. Secure the borders, all of them, it’s a job we CAN do.
    • Bolster border security along all borders.
    • Give border agents the resources they need to secure borders.
    • Enforce current immigration laws.
    • Enforce strict penalties on businesses which employ illegal aliens.
    • Enact federal law to make sanctuary cities illegal.
    • Enact federal law to make it illegal for states to grant drivers licenses to any person illegally in the United States.
  9. Restore government to an entity that works for the people instead of against their children.
  10. Continue vigorous debates in Washington and stand on Constitutional principles, limited government and state rights.  Let’s put the power back in the hands of the people!
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