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Fiscal Segregation – The Socially Acceptable Discrimination

Fiscal segregation, a term I think adequately describes our current tax structure as well as the divisive talk about the rich paying their fair share coming from our leaders in Washington as well as some in the media. The subject of course is nothing new. But while I have always been disappointed by the left [...]

Elizabeth Warren – Same Ol’ Rhetoric

Lurking around the vast inter-web this week I happened upon a little image quoting Elizabeth Warren taken from the campaign trail. I dub it “A Nice Sounding Excuse to Raise Taxes” I mean who couldn’t agree? After all it sounds so nice. However, I decided it was so blatantly absurd I had to vent a [...]

Join in the conversation

The 10 pledge items below outline steps I think would help restore American liberties, reduce national debt, and start to restore the federal government to an entity we the people could respect again.  The idea behind this pledge is to get the conversation moving.  We would like to hear from you as to why or [...]

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Shorts - Opinion and Observations in under 400 words

Everyone seems a little upset over all these new bank fees that have come out in the last year and a half. Especially the last few days as Bank of America announced a $5 a month fee on debit cards used to make purchases. While not the first, they are the biggest bank to take [...]

Good news this last week from Utah as Republican U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he won’t rule out running against Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch next year. Hatch has been on the campaign trail since June of last year attempting to give himself a conservative makeover. The defeat of former Sen. Bob Bennett at the GOP [...]

Last week Sheriff Joe Arpaio created 100 jobs for Americans by arresting illegal aliens, so much for jobs Americans won’t do. Hundreds of citizens lined up to fill the job openings. For all the rhetoric we hear from the left about how illegal aliens only take the jobs “Americans won’t do”, there are a few [...]

This last week a Utah House panel approved a bill introduced by Rep. Lee Perry (R) which would modify the definition of careless driving. The bill would make fatigued driving or driving while ill a class C misdemeanor. The bill now moves to the House for consideration. In my opinion, Lee a Utah Highway Patrol [...]

Mae Beavers, a Republican Senator from Tennessee, has submitted a Senate bill called, The Health Care Compact (SB 326). I don’t like the bill, because it smells too much like the federal Obama health care bill.  Although it is intended to be a Compact between agreeing states wherein certain criteria are met, allowing for cross border functionality.  [...]

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Recent Articles

Force Insurers to Cover Preventative Foods
August 14, 2011
By American_Innovation
Debt Deal or Epic Fail?
August 2, 2011
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The 2011 Budget Fiasco. Where is the Leadership Mr. President?
July 24, 2011
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New DNC Chair a Bright Shining Star of Ignorance
June 1, 2011
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Principles count again – Utah halfway there in 2011
January 9, 2011
By American_Innovation
Stop Spending – A Congressional New Year’s Resolution
December 29, 2010
By American_Innovation

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